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MELBOURNE: Yoga for HumanKIND 200hr Trauma-Informed & Community-Based Training

  • Abbotsford Convent Melbourne Australia (map)

with Mei Lai Swan and Jo Buick

This 30-day training is designed to be an immersive process of personal transformation, self-discovery and leadership training, whilst simultaneously providing the highest professional standards of contemporary knowledge and learning across yoga, somatics, science and community work.

By the end of the training you will know yourself on whole new levels, and be equipped with the foundational knowledge and skills to share hatha yoga with your loved ones, in yoga studios and with a range of community groups (eg. refugees, youth, prison populations, mental health consumers). 


This is a yoga teacher training designed specifically for those who are ready for depth, transformation, and authenticity, and who want to share the benefits and love of yoga with knowledge and skill.

By joining our training, you’ll also get to pay it forward: 25% of profits from our trainings goes directly to community based yoga programs around the world.

It is ideal for:

  • committed students of yoga ready to take the next step, and with a desire to make a difference in the world and their own communities;

  • community and health professionals looking to learn and integrate the practices of yoga and somatic-based movement skillfully into their work.

If you are not interested in ‘teaching’ yoga, but you feel drawn to the course and would love a deep and committed dive for your own practice, knowledge and transformation, you are very welcome to apply. We have also seen that participating in the ‘teaching’ aspects of the training is alone a rich practice for personal transformation and growth, even if sharing yoga publicly is not your ultimate goal.

Please note this is not a program for personal therapy.

Find out more about why this is not “just another 200 hour teacher training” and what we feel it really means to be a teacher.


The foundations of yoga and yoga teaching:

  • hatha, vinyasa and restorative/gentle asana

  • pranayama, meditation, mantra and nada yoga

  • anatomy and yogic energetic anatomy

  • yoga philosophy (classical and tantra) and lifestyle

  • teaching skills and methodology: cuing, sequencing, observing, assisting, modifications, voice and languaging

  • ethics and business of yoga

Trauma-informed and community based yoga:

  • Trauma-informed yoga and somatic movement practices

  • Foundations in culturally responsive and community based practices for yoga teaching

  • Foundations in understanding power, social justice, strengths-based and participatory approaches

  • Seva (selfless service and inspired action) in a contemporary and global community-based context

  • Introduction to developing and delivering community based yoga programs

  • Personal transformation and leadership skills