Rest: Practices of Deep Nurturance


Enrolment Details

This course has two options for enrolment: online or in-person.

in-person course - sold out

The in-person course is comprised of five weekly deep rest workshop sessions, accompanied by supportive online teachings that you can weave into your daily life and way of being. 

Weekly in-person workshops include: 

  • Themed teachings that draw on yogic philosophy, modern science, Ayurveda and psychology;

  • Long, supported immersions into deep rest practices that soothe and restore the nervous system; and

  • Individual support with moving towards ease and comfort in your own practice, including the use of props, support materials and ritual. 

Location for in-person course: AKA Studios, 130C Nicholson St, Brunswick East VIC 3057.

In Person Dates: Sunday 13th October, Sunday 20th October, Sunday 27th October, Sunday 3rd November, Sunday 10th November. All sessions will be 2pm -4.15pm


$475 for five week course + online component / $425 concession

Online Course

The online course is designed to be accessible at any time, and can be worked through in a self-paced manner. After investing in the course, you will have access to downloadable resources and unlimited access to accompanying videos and recordings for one year.

Online offering includes: 

  • Comprehensive ebook with themed self-inquiry practices, 20 different embodied rest practices and support for integrating rest into daily life;

  • Weekly teachings related to the themes, guides and recordings for home practice;

  • Meditation recordings;

  • Yoga nidra recordings;

  • Specific practices for working with anxiety, sleeplessness and stress;

  • Guest video lectures from Lucy Found and Euphemia Russell;

  • Option online live check-ins; and

  • Guidance for holistic integration of rest into daily life.


Initial course content will be emailed on Monday 14th October, with one year of access to the entire five week program, to enable self-paced delivery.


$255 online course only/ $195 concession

Course Description

Contrary to the social and cultural messages that we receive, rest is healing and generative. When we consciously rest our bodies and nervous systems - even if only for a moment - we surrender and open to a greater potential for embodiment, personal connection and joy in our lives.

However, for many of us, the journey towards rest and presence often involves unravelling our own deeply held, inherited and intergenerational beliefs around productivity, worth and service. This is work worth doing, not only for ourselves, but also for our relationships, our communities and our world.

In this course, you are invited to dedicate conscious time to an exploration of the symbiotic relationship between rest, pleasure and connection. Begin by mapping your relationship with rest, before taking a deep dive into embodied practices of restoration and meditation that support deeper experiences of connectedness and joy.

Whether you join for the full course or just the online component, you will complete Rest with the embodied knowledge, tools and resources to resist the pressures of mainstream productivity culture, and to experience more energy, connection and pleasure in your life.

Guest lectures included from Ayurvedic practitioner Lucy Found and pleasure educator Euphemia Russel.

10% of all proceeds directed towards ‘paying the rent’ as a donation to the Djap Wurrung Embassy.

All welcome! No experience necessary.