Mindfulness-based Yoga

Informed by her studies in meditation, mindfulness and somatic modalities, Jo's approach to yoga utilises embodied, introceptive and inquiry-based language and sequencing. 'Mindfulness-based yoga' is not a trademarked style or a unique approach to yoga, but rather a simple way of describing the integration of secular and traditional modalities. 

What to expect in a mindfulness-based yoga session

Mindfulness-based yoga sessions explore the pillars of mindfulness utilising body and breath-based exercises, including traditional and contemporary yoga sequences. Participants are invited to notice, observe, and sense their own bodies and thoughts as they move through the sequences and forms. This process may be especially useful for students who are working with injuries, with changes in their physical bodies, or with overly active mental processes.

Each session is grounded in a recognition of the diverse motivations and reasons for individual practice, and there is no expectation that students practice the same variations of yoga forms, or at the same pace. Some students opt to follow instruction for the majority of the class, whereas others may adapt or modify their practice to suit their individual needs. All variations on this theme are welcomed and celebrated.  

Jo's approach to facilitation is trauma-informed and non-coercive. This means that language, studio environment (lighting, access to exits etc), class theming and music will be trauma-sensitive at all times. 

Practice with Jo